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Nice to see you here although we can't really see you

Here it is possible to send a text message with your own sender to anyone who has a phone, doesn't care where they are in the world.
if they have their mobile on they will receive the anonymous message immediately after sending.

The cost for an Anonymous SMS message is $ 1.30 and that is one-time, no hidden costs and no subscription!

    Sending an SMS anonymously is as simple as counting to 5
  • Step One: Enter the sender that you want
  • Step two: Enter the recipient in telephone number
  • Step three: Type the message that you want to send
  • Step for: Press send SMS
  • Step five: Pay with PayPal or Credit Card

And the anonymous SMS will be sent to the number you entered, With the sender you specified.
We guarantee your privacy because we do not store any data. and we don't ask for it either.
You do not have to create an account So you don't have to log in either.

The message is always sent.

We send our text messages worldwide to every destination you want.

Anonymous, Private, anonymously, Secret.

It doesn't matter what you call it, We do it without you leaving any data.

Pay the text message.

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PayPal $ 1.30 by sms.